Wednesday, 12 April 2017

#BBNaija: Nigerian Film maker, Kemi Adetiba disapproves Reuben Abati's demeaning article on housemates

Rueben Abati who rated the reality television programme as a sham criticized the nudity portrayed on the just concluded show, making TBoss, the third runner-up a case study.

Adetiba, in a series of tweets has expressed disapproval over the choice of words employed by the former Presidential Special Adviser in his analysis of the programme.

"I just read the article by Mr. Reuben Abati in relation to #BBNaija and I'm in absolute SHOCK. Is it verified that he wrote this?

"Such condescending language. Someone's daughter washed down to zero with words.

"Girls sexually belittle because of a show that never claimed to be anything but what it is.

"The girls were called whores & jezebels, but the men who joined them in these "love" games are?? Never mind the men. Focus on the loose women.

"I might have cringed at a few things I saw on the screen or in the news, but then I changed the channel. THATS. THE. SHOW!!!

"It's like U visit porn hub or whatever and wonder why they aren't covering topical issues or world news?? Errmm.. Not that
#BBNaija was porn.

"But that isn't the issue... the manner of language used to describe the women... made my eyes squint. I'm deeply saddened.
"My point is, the same disapproving article could have been written without those words."

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